Money alone doesn't win elections, but it sure helps. A quick look at the campaign expenditures versus vote totals from the August primary shows that those with the most money—both overall and spent per vote—tended to come out in the lead when the final vote was tallied on August 31. Nowhere was this more apparent than the vote on Referendum 1, the deep-bore tunnel, where the pro-tunnel campaign outspent its opposition overall nearly fivefold (roughly a half million dollars to $100,000), plunking down $5.63 per vote to pull out a victory for the tunnel. Meanwhile, King County Council incumbents Jane Hague and Joe McDermott bested their closest challengers (who will go on to face them in the general election) after outspending them on the campaign trail. Dollar per vote, Hague's race was the most expensive (over $16 each) of any race on the local ballot. But money wasn't everything. Hague challenger Richard Mitchell spent far less than fellow challenger John Creighton in that race, but Mitchell got more votes than Creighton. In the Seattle City Council races, Maurice Classen spent nearly $4 per vote—far more than anyone else in the race for Council Position 1—but still failed to make it through the top-two primary. In that race, Bobby Forch will face off with incumbent council member Jean Godden (who spent the most overall at roughly $200,000, but not the most per vote) this fall. recommended

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