We regret not having a pyramid hat like Adair’s. Rachel LeBlanc

Help Yourself Records: We regret passing on putting out The Heist by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

Atomic Bride: We regret that we did not become breatharians sooner. We could have been spending our food money on gear all these years!

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Dan Enders (MTNS): We regret not having the idea for the "Bound 2" video first, with Austin as Kanye and me as Kim Kardashian.

Lance Umble (Cumulus): I regret not telling LL Cool J that his hat looked like a shark's fin.

Alexandra Niedzialkowski (Cumulus): I regret not documenting life onto paper more often.

Laura Seniow (Swamp Meat): I regret not making a pass at Lou Reed when I had the chance.

Gifted Gab: I regret not confessing my undying love to Method Man when I had the chance.

Dan Onufer (Swamp Meat): I regret not eating more Peking duck at 1 a.m.

Adair (The Witches Titties): I regret the unfortunate smell that occurs in a van when eight people go on tour and only take sage cleansing baths.

Amber Marie (The Witches Titties): I regret that time I ate my coworker's trashed, half-eaten lunch. It was delicious and degrading.

Jennifer Gay (The Witches Titties): On tour, while staying in a '70s time capsule of an apartment belonging to a coke-fueled DJ who wouldn't let us have a dance party, I regret wine-vomiting all over that earth-toned retro bathroom.

Aric Atienza (poster designer): I regret spending enough time in front of a TV this summer to know which Kardashian is which.

Katie Kate: I regret not being meaner to people and expressing my hatred for others. I regret taking others' opinions too seriously. I regret not stuffing my pockets full of free food backstage at Bumbershoot. I regret not keeping better track of my mileage. I regret holding my tongue. I regret not finding Russell Crowe's secret tent in the Colosseum. I regret not adopting a Roman cat. I regret withdrawing from my actual friends due to the aforementioned hatred of everyone. I regret not seeing my sister more often. I regret not being more engaged with my fans and supporters. I regret not finishing any series of Star Trek because it's never the "right" time for me to get emotional, except Voyager, because I didn't care that much, or Enterprise, because I can't even get through it.

Noel Brass Jr. (Afrocop): I regret spending so much time working and letting the device that is a job shave off my creative and intellectual hours in the year of 2013. Sure, one can stay up through the late hours of the night dabbling with that Philip K. Dick novel yet to be read, or putting needle to record on that psych album with the interesting cover, but soon enough the tax man beckons for another day of work and seeing your soulful self through the end of your shift. While working for a living is a daunting and so-called "honest living," I've always thought, at best, our inspired hours have no minimum wage—and in the end, don't we all just want that time to check out that French noir film we've been putting off?

Jayson Kochan (Airport):

1. I regret accidentally taking bath salts at Psychedelic Dogfest during a marathon Airport set. Shit got weird.

2. I regret naming my West Coast tour with Bankie Phones "Summer Slammmtacular." After playing a rave in Oakland that wrapped up at 4 a.m., we ended up actually slamming our car into a semitruck at 70 mph. The car was totaled, but no one was hurt.

3. I regret spending too much money on cocaine and frozen pizzas.

4. I regret not participating in a HUMP! movie while wearing only a pair of hot-pink aviators.

OCnotes: I regret not growing any weed this year.

Levi Fuller: I regret that, despite the inordinate number of hours I spent listening to music this year, I spent far too little time listening closely to music.

Troy Nelson (KEXP DJ): My regret of 2013 was at the now-defunct Queen Anne Easy Street Records (where I worked for 10 years). It was the very last night that Easy Street would ever be open—a HUGE party—and Yo La Tengo were there to close out the night. I had called Matt Vaughan (the owner) the night before and told him that I wanted to propose to my girlfriend. He said, "That's great, let's do it right before Yo La Tengo take the stage!" So here we are in front of a thousand people, and Matt called me up to the stage—I nervously gave a speech about my time at Easy Street, and then popped the question to my girlfriend, who was also on the stage. After she said yes, and the crowd graciously hollered and cheered, we walked off the stage. I COMPLETELY forgot to announce Yo La Tengo. So after all the hoopla and the craziness, they just quietly walked out there and plugged in their instruments with the look of "Okay, how do we follow that?" I felt bad, but of course they came out and killed it, closing down Easy Street Queen Anne in a beautiful fashion.

La Luz: We regret not magically jumping out and surfing on top of that semitruck that smashed our tour van into oblivion. We should've surfed that sucker all the way to Seattle like four teen wolves and landed right under the warm glow of the Neumos stage lights.

Nik Christofferson (Good to Die Records head): I regret taking those last couple shots at Pettirosso after 'Mo-Wave and then waking up at Kennedy's (of Monogamy Party) place, on his floor, using a damp bath towel as a pillow.

Jodi Ecklund (Chop Suey booker/'Mo-Wave organizer): I regret that NYC performer Dynasty Handbag can't come to Seattle and perform EVERY year, because SHE IS AMAZING.

TV Coahran (ggnzla Records and Karaoke): I regret being a dick to people who come up to me at last call at my karaoke nights and say, "So how do I sign up for a song?" I also regret losing touch with people when they move, and also being shitty at hanging out with people who still live here.

Mark Arm (Mudhoney): Life is too short to dwell in the fields of regret.

Eyvind Kang and Jessika Kenney: We regret nothing.

Tad Doyle (Brothers of the Sonic Cloth): No regrets. recommended