Remedy has been the soundtrack to my summer on both coasts. In New York, the album was a backdrop to fast, stupid sex. It's euphoric, insistent, and won't let your attention drift from the physicality at hand. A song like "Jump and Shout" is for getting off: the kind of amyl nitrate musical rush the Chemical Brothers are too heavy-handed to do. On many a sleepless night, the Basement Jaxx proved themselves capable of the light touch needed to orchestrate an out-of-body experience.

Back in Seattle, it's a totally different album. Like a relic of pleasures past, Remedy works as a transitional talisman to ease you back down to earth after all the craziness. Underneath the giggling, there's an adult theme that any jaded hardcore veteran will be able to relate to: Once you've done everything, what's left to do? Basement Jaxx don't have the answer, but they're willing to throw out everything music has to offer to give you some shelter while you work it out. And by the way, it's not a house; it's a home. PHILIP GUICHARD


Teenage Snuff Film



Here's what former Birthday Party guitarist Rowland S. Howard's debut solo album sounds like.

1) The Birthday Party's singer Nick Cave's solo albums.

No. That's a lie. While there's a link between Rowland's brooding voice on Teenage Snuff Film and Cave's sonorous preacher tones, to say that Teenage Snuff Film is a simple copy would be a fallacy. It's a complicated copy. It draws on much of the same source material -- Johnny Cash, Velvet Underground's heroin-tainted vision of love, the Mary Chain, the writings of Gabriel Garcia Marquez -- but resonates with a gloomy grace all its own.

Here's what former These Immortal Souls/Crime & The City Solution mainman Rowland S. Howard's debut solo album really sounds like.

1) Crime & The City Solution, and These Immortal Souls.

No, that's a lie. Long-time partner Mick Harvey may be present (on drums), but the music here is stripped-back, far more chilling and evocative than anything Howard's previous bands ever managed. It's the music closest to Howard's heart, one suspects: '60s teenage angst howling in a '90s vacuum. Rowland's darkened voice also manages to echo Lee Hazelwood's deep baritone -- grand, seedy, and unyielding. Some compliment. This is the best album the Mary Chain haven't made in over a decade. EVERETT TRUE


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