Bono... Oh Who the Fuck Cares

And so still we're clutched fast and choking in this bleak Bushy nightmare, perched anxiously on a blind and murderous precipice and waiting breathlessly for some even worse other Republican shoe to drop and plunge us stupidly into only God (and Orson Welles apparently, and the Book of Revelation, and The Handmaid's Tale) knows what dim and unkind future. Four more years. If we're lucky. It's like a prison sentence. The world has gone gray. No birds sing. And my soul would be puking, and will, once it's done screaming its head off.

Politics: the terrible art of getting what you don't deserve. The manmade monster that sustains itself to feed on itself and serves only itself. Well, America you've spoken, and you're a total asshole. You've purchased the rope to hang all of us with, and done it with a smug and glassy grin. Here's to you.

"Adrian--The only people who voted for Kerry are city-living anonymous libs who love to keep their dirty secrets to themselves-drugs, God sucks, endless partner swapping, peccadilloes of all sorts. Have a kid or two, then you'll vote Republican as all your 'deserving' immigrant neighbors are living on the dole (braces for their kids, in-state tuition at college, food stamps, medical treatment, legal advice-all while they're sending billions home). Kerry was a 'We Are the World' la-la-land wacko, gigolo.... Let your mind mature and then you'll have your head on straight."--Jim

Mmm. Feel the love. And again: What the fuck year is this? What the fuck SPECIES are we? These questions bear repeating. And repeating. And repeating.

"Adrian--Bono was also in Seattle to meet with the top dog at Starbucks, Howard. Keep up the good work, dog!"--Dave L.

Dog? Indeed. I've personally been declared an inferior being by popular vote, and my inequality is to be ratified into the fucking constitutions of 11 states, after all. In fact, 22% of voters emerged blinking from their incesty Christ-holes simply to express their drooling obsessive rage over where I put my pee-pee-an issue which they despise more than murderous (and obvious) smoke-screen warfare, fucking intolerable corruption, stuttering stupidity, criminal dishonesty, and their own stinking poverty--AND yes, "for the sake of the children." The writing is on the wall, and isn't nearly proverbial enough anymore. The New Theocratic Nazis (whoops, I mean "patriots") of Bushland are at the door. The world weeps. Canada is pretty.