As the November 8 election approaches, The Stranger dug up the voting histories of our state's most esteemed leaders—local billionaires, rockers, authors, and broken moral compasses—because, well, why the fuck not? We like snooping. And besides, these people are often stumping for their own pet issues and funding campaigns, so we wanted to know: Are they even regular voters?

For our investigation, we used records from the Washington State secretary of state's office and We counted every general and primary election between 2000 and 2010—meaning that a perfect voting record would be 11 GE votes and 11 primary votes. Here's how they voted:

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Respected Seattle Musicians:

Krist Novoselic, Nirvana bassist and former Dem party operative

11 General elections, 6 primary

Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jammer, Rock the Vote advocate

5 GE, 1 primary

Ann Wilson, half of Heart

4 GE, 2 primary

Ben Gibbard, 94 percent of Death Cab for Cutie

4 GE, 1 primary

Men Behind Initiatives:

Kemper Freeman, Bellevue Square owner and wannabe light-rail murderer

11 GE, 9 primary

Tim Eyman, initiative troll

9 GE, 10 primary

Men Rich Enough to Have You Killed but Mostly Too Lazy to Vote:

Bill Gates, Microsoft cofounder, supports income taxes for top earners

11 GE, 10 primary

Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO

6 GE, 3 primary

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, opposes income taxes for top earners

5 GE, 2 primary

Paul Allen, Microsoft cofounder and all-around asshole

5 GE, 1 primary

Jeff Bezos, Amazon mogul and libertarian douchebag

5 GE, 0 primary

Moral Compasses:

Pastor Ken "No Buttsex" Hutcherson

9 GE, 9 primary

Keli Carender, Tea Party founder, blogger

Support The Stranger

9 GE, 6 primary

Pastor Mark "Masturbation is sinly and so is Avatar, the movie" Driscoll

4 GE, 0 primary

Beloved Authors:

Tom Robbins, Jitterblerg Perblerg, nonsensical writer

11 GE, 9 primary

Nancy Pearl, librarian, Book Lust

10 GE, 8 primary

Stephanie Coontz, feminist, Marriage, A History...

10 GE, 4 primary

Sherman Alexie, Reservation Blues

9 GE, 10 primary

Neal Stephenson, Snow Crash

8 GE, 1 primary


Benjamin John Francis Fodor (secret identity: superhero Phoenix Jones!)

Has never voted

People Who Want Senator Maria Cantwell's Job:

Maria Cantwell, bang-up democrat

11 GE, 10 primary

Susan Hutchison, failed King County Exec candidate

10 GE, 6 primary

Quick, a Rapper Vote-Off!

Macklemore, raps about Seattle and sneakers

5 GE, 1 primary

Sir Mix-a-Lot, raps about carz and butts

2 GE, 0 primary

The Space Needle and Tom Skerritt:

Jeff Wright, born lucky

11 GE, 1 primary

Tom Skerritt, actor, grandfather of happy hours

9 GE, 6 primary

Dale "I make people make glass" Chihuly

8 GE, 7 primary

Radio Personalities:

Cliff Mass, weather and math geek

11 GE, 10 primary

Rick Steves, travel guru

11 GE, 7 primary

Steve "Guess What I'm Thinking" Scher

9 GE, 8 primary

Tom Douglas, talks about sandwiches, etc.

9 GE, 6 primary.

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