To all you degenerates lining the streets, asking for spare change--the answer is NO! You asked me last time and the time before that, so don't ask me again. And when you get bitchy about it, hmm... nope, that doesn't sway me. Food stamps, dude! With zero income, you can get $130 a month for food! Come on! Just because I have a job and I take showers doesn't mean I'm privileged or that my life is easy and I've got cash to just give to whoever. I'm not a conservative and I'm right at the poverty level myself, with a shitty, minimum wage job, but you'll never see me spending my day begging people to hand things to me for nothing. Even if I did have money, I shouldn't need a good reason, or any reason, not to give it to you. It pisses me off that I can't walk outside without being asked for money, and then guilt-tripped and harassed because I don't. If I helped you, I'd have to help every lowlife, just to be fair, and you'd all keep coming back. Life sucks, lazy ass: Get welfare!