PK and Wiley Frank Kyle Johnson


The Best Chef in Seattle You've Never Heard Of

Getting Lucky at Spinnaker Bay Brewing

Everyone Gets Up and Dances

In Little Uncle We Trust

The Fast-Food Life

Scotch, Hold the Grapefruit Juice

Desserts So Good, Your Head Will Explode

Eureka Moments

Vegan Destiny

Drink Time!

The Chef Recommends…

Do you like to eat food, but hate the word "foodie"? Do you wish you were drinking (or are you drinking) a cocktail right now? Are you as interested in what it's like to work at Taco Bell as you are in what it's like to work at Bar Sajor? Would you enjoy reading (and following) the restaurant and bar recommendations of some of the Seattle food industry's very finest?

You and I are of one mind, friend. Welcome to Cheftown.

—Bethany Jean Clement, Editor