Chocolate Underground is an adaptation of British author Alex Shearer’s “satirical” children’s novel about an elected government that promotes healthy eating by banning “evil foods” like chocolate. Two young chocolate dealers, named Smudger and Huntly, discover that the Good For You party is corrupt and is banking on backhanded deals with “healthy” food manufacturers (sound familiar?). They retaliate by making and distributing chocolate despite the threat of arrest and Chocolate Concentration Camp, where they will be forced to watch grisly videos about tooth decay! The movie—a half-asinine, half-dystopian police drama—concerns an “infallible” government that controls everything, yet police are ill-equipped to deal with a mass youth resistance movement brought on by the sheer joy of frosting and truffles. Originally conceived as a 13-episode web series, director Takayuki Hamana and coproducer Production I.G (Ghost in the Shell) turned the series into a movie by adding 20 minutes of new footage. The film’s plot coherency is lacking at times, possibly due to the expansion of footage, but seeing a 35 mm screening of this movie will add some visual pop to the fun and bizarre action sequences. recommended

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