Oh no, I have traveled back to the mid-1960s! People kept telling me I should buy a planner, but did I listen? No! And now—

Don't worry, you're actually at the Lucky Diner, and it's 2011. I can prove it—the menu contains the words "gluten free," and the Crescent Moon omelet is made with Field Roast. You probably think you've gone back in time because of me, a 1960s-style waitress uniform designed by Jamie Von Stratton.

You're convincing! Actually, I still feel a bit panicked. I suppose since it's not the '60s, you can't offer me any relaxing quaaludes.

No, but the Lucky Diner does have wine, beer, and beer can chicken.

I don't see how eating chicken out of a beer can would calm anyone down.

It's actually spindled on a beer can and soaked in our beer brine. And how would I know what relaxes you? I'm made of cotton. My main skills are being breathable and easy to wash.

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That's more than I can say sometimes. You're also quite stylish. Is there anywhere else I can find Jamie Von Stratton's designs?

Jamie is a member of the Atomic Bombshells burlesque troupe. The costumes for their Lost in Space show on October 6–8 are her biggest project yet. She also sells clothing she designs at Pretty Parlor. recommended

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