This past summer, Access Printed Media refused to print Diesel's flyers, saying they were morally against promoting the homosexual "lifestyle." Have you interacted with the company since then?

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Mark Hurst: The ACLU advised us not to contact them. They violated the law and the ACLU is handling it now.

Mark Engelmann: [Laughs] I myself am seeking help from Michele Bachmann's clinic.

What contributions do you hope to make to queer nightlife besides the thrilling ambiguity of your "We Went There BBQ Pork?"

Mark E.: Porkapocalypse.

Is that an event?

Mark E.: A tasty pig is a happy pig.

Yes. Your website says Diesel is for: "Bears. Bikers. Buddies. Bubbas." Is a "bubba" a banjo-playing bear?

Mike: [Laughs] Small-town boys. Mark [H.] is from Kalama, so he qualifies. I just play one on TV.

Your food selection maintains a cage-fighting, Hemingway- reading level of manliness throughout. How did you design a bear-centric menu?

Mike: Mark [E.] and I thought of the names, and then it all came together. We thought of cars a lot during that process.

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Which drink at Diesel is most likely to cause spontaneous beard growth?

Mark H: Definitely the "Nitro and Acetylene," tequila and rum infused with cilantro, cucumber, lime, pineapple, and jalapeño. recommended

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