So Detention was formerly Po Dog, another Laura Olson project [Grim's, Auto Battery]. How did you decide a school-themed bar would do better than an eclectic hot-dog shop?

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We felt that space in that location would be better suited to a bar. There's so much food on the Ave. We did consider keeping the original menu, but there just isn't enough space with a full bar.

Was the concept of Detention inspired by nostalgia for the Jäger shots that came with your lunch in elementary school?

We thought it would be a fun name for a bar on the Ave, with all the UW students. You don't get detention in college, but sometimes you should!

Which cocktail goes best with your PB&J?

I'd say the White Russian—that's your glass of milk.

You have a drink called "Purple and Gold"—how did you determine what UW tastes like? I hope it wasn't by sampling the water in Drumheller fountain.

I think we actually changed the name of that drink to "Tequila Sunset" because the colors mixed together too much.

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Anything on the menu that was a personal favorite of yours in elementary school?

Well, we don't have those little square pizzas [laughs]. Gotta be the chicken tenders or the tater tots. recommended