Highline's unique cake-and-karaoke night seems like it could have been conceived of while drinking with children, or possibly grandmas.

James: Tori and I came up with Cake-arokee when we worked at Squid & Ink. We thought, where can you find a vegan karaoke night with cake?

What's your favorite cake-and-drink combination?

J: Olympia and Georgetown German chocolate.

I hope you sat making car noises in the Lamborghini left over from Club Lagoon on the roof at least once.

J: Unfortunately, no. It fell into the parking lot. But I made out with my boyfriend in Club Lagoon's motorboat. Wait, that wasn't my boyfriend... I was wasted.

Tori: We still have their artificial waterfalls, but they flood Subway if you turn them on.

James, what's the most embarrassing thing you've seen as a karaoke host?

J: A guy onstage unaware of his megaboner. He was wearing pleated khakis—whenever he moved, it bounced.

Given Highline's location, upstairs from Castle Megastore, I'm surprised you have no inflatable or vibrating decor. Do patrons frequently bring in Castle purchases?

J: Castle is awesome. They've donated prizes for our Halloween costume contest the past two years. We see Castle bags in here often.

T: Babeland bags, too. People bring their sex toys to Highline. recommended