You have a huge variety of beer. What motivated you to provide a more extensive selection of intoxicants at your convenience store than the standard Natural Ice, 5-hour Energy, and rubber cement?

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It's better to have more variety, especially of craft beers. I want customers to think, "Wow, this is a great place to buy beer." Wine, too—I want ladies to shop here.

[Laughs] Do you find that ladies prefer wine?

I want them to feel comfortable here—it's more like a supermarket than a convenience store. I also support small, local wine distributors.

What is your favorite beer right now?

West Coast IPA from Green Flash.

How does working at Thomas Street Market compare to Trinity Market, the U-District deli you worked at before?

Trinity caters more to students— candy and snacks. Thomas Street has more produce and groceries.

Are any unexpected items more popular on Summit and Thomas than they are in the U-District?

Turkey thermometers.

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Which of your deli sandwiches would go well with the replacement mop head and pound of gummi worms, or whatever I am sure to buy from you while drunk, now that I know this place exists?

The Brooklyn Bomber! It has warm pastrami, cold turkey, coleslaw, and Reuben dressing. recommended