Would you call this a "sexy" high-school job?

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No. I like my job; the staff's really small and friendly and mostly in high school, and we have fun, but it's definitely not sexy.

What skills do you have to master to work here? Ever knead dough until it turned red with the blood from your knuckles?

I'm more of a sales and cleanup girl. I have no idea how to make bread, but I'm confident that I could recommend a good loaf for any possible situation.

Which loaf would you recommend for a funeral?

Country French, because it's a plain but filling half white, half wheat. Funerals tend to attract an older crowd, and this bread is easy to digest.

And what bread will you and your friends be eating on prom night?

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Cranberry Orange, definitely. It's sweet and fabulous. Maybe some cheese sticks to start. You know what, I change my mind. This job is sexy. You've got nice girls waiting with fresh Walnut Willies to make all your bread-based dreams come true. In fact, we might be the sexiest bread shop in Seattle.

Interview by Cienna Madrid

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