Happy Hanukkah!

Thanks, I'm not Jewish. I'm Armenian. Everyone thinks I'm Jewish because of the hair and because I work in a kosher bakery.

So what do gentiles who work in kosher bakeries do to celebrate Hanukkah?

I'll be on latke duty making 200-300 latkes by Friday. We are open for lunch and dinner here every day except Saturday, but the bulk of our business is catering.

How does the food here compare to home-cooked Armenian food?

It's great food. I love the mushroom barley soup and our falafel's amazing. Some of it is really similar to Armenian dishes, such as the challah bread, which is just like choreg (an Armenian egg breakfast bread with anise).

How often do you have to check for kosherness here?

A rabbi comes around every so often to make sure we have a separate dairy fridge, separate sinks for our dairy and pareve. We also have separate dishes to handle dairy with.

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What's pareve?

Pareve is fruit, veggies, eggs, and fish. Basically, anything that isn't dairy or meat, although fish is meat so I don't know what that's about. I'm not Jewish, remember? Basically, Pareve is neutral, so you can mix it with dairy or meat, but dairy and meat must always be prepared and eaten separately. We don't even cook with meat here.