What made you want to open a restaurant in Seattle?

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I was raised in Mexico City, but I had a problem with alcohol, so I immigrated here seven years ago for the future of my family and kids. I like Seattle; it's a good place with good schools and opportunities, and people treat each other with respect.

How does food in Mexico City differ from other regional foods in Mexico?

In Mexico City, meals are mostly cooked and sold on the street. My father had a street stand in Mexico City for years, and when I called him and told him that I had opened a restaurant, he laughed at me and said, "Why did you buy a restaurant?" He didn't get it.

Are there any foods that you think Seattleites should be eating more of?

I want to introduce the people of Seattle to cactus—we have cactus salsa, cactus salads, cactus in a lot of our dishes. There are lots of vitamins in cactus. It cleans out your system. People in Mexico who have diabetes eat a lot of cactus, and it helps them.

Why is one wall in your restaurant made of suns?

It stands for good luck and power. Also, there is not enough sun in Seattle, so it keeps our spirits up.