Saint John's, from the same owners as Solo—Kultur Shock's Val Kiossovski, Michael Lee of the Young Evils, and Billy Gould of Faith No More—is named after the building it's in, not the saint (though they have a burger he might enjoy).

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Is running a bar and restaurant with other musicians like being in a duck fat–roasted, parsnip puree–topped band?

Michael: In the sense that it's a swirling melting pot of nonsense, yes!

Val: It's gratifying because we have the same mind-set. We tour a lot; we have many experiences to draw on.

Was anything on your menu discovered on tour?

V: Lots of things! There's a Balkan liqueur called Pelinkovac you can't get here. We make some cocktails with the closest approximation, called Cynar.

What do you think Saint John would order here?

M: I think he'd be happy with his namesake burger. He'd probably like our brunch, too.

V: We still haven't found the right place to put our icon of his head on a platter.

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Why do you have such a selection of beyond-Moscow mule cocktails?

V: It started at Solo. A customer asked if I could take him on a trip, so I decided to take him around the world with mules incorporating every imaginable liquor. He was very happy. recommended