When did you first know you wanted to work at Red Robin?


Well, I've been coming here since I was a kid and I love the place. Also, my husband works for the company and I've had several friends work here who thought it was fun.

Where is the menu for a chain restaurant of this size prepared?

Our corporate office is in Denver, where award-winning chefs are constantly creating new menu ideas. The best of these menu ideas become table cubes. These table cubes advertise specials—such as the monster milkshake, which comes with a free refill tin. If the table cube is successful, the item then becomes incorporated into the menu.


Yes. A while ago, Red Robin had a kids contest for a new "best burger," where the kids had to create a burger using 10 ingredients or less and then name it. Every restaurant voted on a winner, and then the corporate office chose an overall winner, which will soon be featured on table cubes all over the country.

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What is currently the most popular burger?

I love the teriyaki chicken burger. The Red Robin Royal is also a unique classic; it's got a fried egg and bacon stacked on it. This location is actually the original Red Robin—it opened in 1969. Before that, it was a bar. Supposedly, they wanted a breakfast item on the menu that would go well with beer, and that's how they came up with the Royal. It's the original breakfast burger.