One time at the Wildrose, my friends and I were talking about what the straight equivalent of the bar's Taco Tuesday would be. Of course, one proposal was hot dog and doughnut night. When I saw a banner advertising "Hot Dogs and Donuts" on 43rd Street Donuts' tiny storefront, I immediately wondered what went on in the space besides dough-frying and meat-boiling. Something does—absolutely the last thing the name implies.

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When I asked the woman at the counter if she was the owner, she opened a door behind her to reveal a workshop containing several people repairing watches. Owner Roman Broyzer came into the hot dog area and gave me a business card for Golden Horseshoe Jewelry. Originally from Russia, Broyzer owns three jewelry stores and has been an antiques appraiser for 25 years. His specialty: diamonds. The hot dog and doughnut stand was his wife's idea. He wasn't sure why she picked the combination, or why I was asking.

Because I'm sure you're wondering, you can't order a hot dog in a doughnut—the doughnuts are tiny. A bag of three fluffy, powered-sugar-sprinkled doughnuts was only a dollar, and I got to watch them float through the fryer to a tray that catapulted them into a basket. I didn't try a hot dog. "Just don't write anything crazy," Broyzer said. recommended

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