I thought I liked Mars Lounge in the U-District because the building resembles the set of a John Waters movie, and because every person who works there is absurdly attractive, but manager Christa McMahon said it may be (of course) because of ghosts. The building, formerly a Frosty Freeze, is among the oldest in the neighborhood, and is supposedly haunted by a tall pacing man and a lady who loiters in the bathroom. "People always say they feel drawn to the place," Christa said.

On a Saturday night, the bar looked as if several theme parties had converged upon it. A guy in a tan polyester suit and a lady with a tiny orange sequined hat drank margaritas, while a group of girls hula-hooped to Outkast with an enthusiasm that threatened to wreck their table. I had a roasted eggplant and zucchini garden wrap, which would have been perfect if the fries it came with were fried rather than roasted. Already perfect: the Milk Dud White Russian. A rainbow shelf labeled "Candy Shop" in glittery letters contains such oddities as Smarties vodka and Lemon Drop whiskey. Christa told me the director of Seattle Jello Wrestling is a Mars Lounge employee, and at some point they hope to host one of the events on their patio. I'll be there. recommended