Steven Blum

So you're co-owners of a buzzy new sandwich spot in Fremont called Homegrown. You're also insanely young! How'd you guys meet?

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Ben: We're 23. We went to kindergarten together.

Brad: I was actually friends with one of his neighbors. We had a very 5-year-old friendship. It consisted of digging in the sand and a shared love of PB&J sandwiches.

Ben: We used to play this game called nutrient farm. We would use little trucks and literally drive nutrients from one house to the other.

Brad: We learned a lot about nutrients.

You call yourselves "sandwich environmentalists." Does your next project involve building a zoo for endangered BLTs? Chaining yourselves to wild arugula?

Ben: A sandwich environmentalist is someone who puts a little more thought into creating sandwiches. We try to use organic ingredients from local farms and serve them on green materials.

Whose idea was it to plop edible centerpieces on every table?

Brad: The potted plants were a collaboration. They're more symbolic than anything else.

Ben: We try not to be too preachy.

What would you say to Subway's Jared Fogle?

Brad: I would say, "Jared, you might be losing a few pounds, but the food you're eating isn't really all that healthy. Homegrown has many low-calorie options, and unlike Subway, we don't feed our cattle straight-up grain." recommended