Street Hawk The Stranger

"We were at Hilliard's for the Super Bowl," said Brian Powell, co-owner of Street Hawk, the first sports-themed food truck in Seattle. "They brought stadium bleachers into the brewery. They were at capacity. On the way home, we were honking at everybody. One guy ran up at a stop sign and gave me Skittles." Fortuitously, he and Cassie Powell started their business right as the Seahawks' parade of wins began. The two previously ran a food booth, roving to music festivals all over California and Nevada. Their mutual passion for sports and mobile eateries inspired Street Hawk, which serves "a gourmet twist on game-day favorites."

As someone less interested in sports than watching half-naked, paint-covered fans bounce on the hoods of cars after games, I was ambivalent about the theme. The food was a different story. The Nerf-football-size black-bean veggie burger was perfectly balanced in both texture and flavor—the bean patty's crunchy char with the creamy aioli, the sharp cheese with the sweet caramelized onion chutney. Street Hawk's "secret" side dish, beer-battered fried avocados with honey-chipotle aioli, may actually stop time. My eyes rolled back. They're not on the menu, as they are too time-consuming to make during rushes, but may be available upon request when it's slower. There is also a rumor of beer-battered fried bacon. You'll find Street Hawk's current "perch" on their website (streethawktruck.com). recommended