Co-owner, the Fuse Box the stranger

Next to Seattle Used Bikes on Aurora, a former garage houses the Fuse Box, Seattle's littlest biker bar. Lights hang on motorcycle chains above the pinup photos and rare beer cans that line the walls. A 1966 Gilera leans next to a table topped with a Honda alternator cover. Sean Westlake, one of the founders of the Cretins Motorcycle Club, opened the bar with Jeremiah Robinson, envisioning a place to "sit and have a beer, work on your bike, talk to people." Said beers include a selection from Odin Brewing, Hilliard's, and Two Beers, in addition to standard PBR. The bar currently serves nothing more extravagant than chips and peanuts (though I did find a coveted three-nut-peanut), but they bring in a by-donation Crock-Pot for "Scooter Trash Tuesdays" and plan to enlist food trucks.

A turntable and records are available to those who can use them. (Sean was amused and horrified when some newly- 21 patrons didn't know what they were.) Sean got into scooters when they were cheap and could often be found rusting in backyards. He now favors a 1973 Honda CL350. Asked what he would most like to jump over on a motorcycle, he said, "A pit of zombies... a shark, because I was listening to Fonzie on the radio, acid, fire... a pool of piranhas." recommended

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