Owner, HummingBird

Before opening HummingBird, Ballard's new juice bar and restaurant, Keely Fetters was an acupuncturist, an interior decorator, and an employee at Gravity Bar (a long-ago, much-beloved juice and vegetarian food spot on Broadway). Keely's time at Gravity Bar left her with an urge to start her own juice bar, plus fond memories both juice- and non-juice-related. "I'd never been starstuck before," she said, "but the Beastie Boys came in, and I had to hide in the walk-in."

Keely's favorite juice drink changes daily, but HummingBird's top seller is the refreshing, Kermit-green Sweet Hydration, with ginger, lemon, coconut water, kale, spinach, and pear. When asked if there is anything that should never be juiced, Keely said, "I think you shouldn't juice eggs—the shell's probably not so good for you. I still have a problem with wheatgrass—it makes me feel a little high." Of course, I had to get a wheatgrass shot. It tasted like a field of wildflowers (minus the bugs and moles). I noticed a slight energy boost. HummingBird also offers salads, sandwiches, and wraps. The Take a Dip! trio included a cashew and red pepper dip I'd have submerged myself in completely if it was served in a deeper bowl. Keely will have probably added Bellinis and mimosas to the menu by the time you read this. recommended