So you're the owner of Ballard's new bodega Snacks! You've also been serving hot dogs in Seattle for nine years. Do you dream about hot dogs?


In my early days as a hot-dog-cart owner, I would often dream that I was riding a runaway hot-dog cart. But I haven't had that dream in a long time.

Snacks! has a wish list where customers can request items they'd like to see in the store. What have been some of the weirdest requests?

People have written things that have stopped me in my tracks. Obviously we can't bring in, like, tropical fish. We've also received requests for Penthouse magazine, Tastykakes, and cattle. One lady wrote "Camel Ultra Lights for Sherrie, or Scott will punch you in the face!"

Do people ever show up at your store wearing pajamas?


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What's your favorite snack?

A hot dog. I really do love them very much. Right now my favorite combination is cream cheese, sweet chili sauce, yellow mustard, peperoncini, and a dash of celery salt. recommended