Michael Kaneali
Oh Boy! Oberto Factory Store
1715 Rainier Ave S

How many pounds of jerky have you consumed so far today?
None. I started working here when I was 16, and for about two months I ate everything labeled "meat." Now I don't eat any of it.

This place appears to be wallpapered with beef.
It's because this is the original Oberto factory store. It's been open for about 45 years, I think.

What kind of jerky do you sell here?
Beef jerky, of course, as well as turkey jerky, salmon jerky, and mystery jerky.

"Mystery"? Is that like meat fusion?
Yeah, it's a mix 'n' match of chicken and beef. I've never tried it.

What are some of your most-popular items?
The premium original jerky is a good seller, peppered jerky, and turkey jerky.

What about the Lowrey's microwave pork rinds?
When we first got this item, it was like a total frenzy. We were sold out of them for quite a while. A lot of people buy them for the office.

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Would you recommend meat products over chocolate as a nice gift for your lover?
Actually, we sell lots of fancy candy for cheap, so a lot of people will come in and buy Almond Roca and, like, beef chips as gifts.

Interview by Cienna Madrid