Co-owner of Geraldine's Counter
4870 Rainier Ave S
How did Geraldine's Counter come about?

My partner Gary Snyder and I bought El Greco a few years back and we love it, but we wanted something that served food more in the style of how we grew up. I'm from Montana, and I grew up on my mother's great cooking, like biscuits and gravy. Americana comfort food. And so we designed our new restaurant around that idea—food we grew up with. You can cater to everyone with good comfort food. Seattle's rainy. You need comfort food to stay sane.

How did location fit into your vision?

We researched the Columbia Village neighborhood, and really liked the idea of becoming ingrained in a community, and providing a casual, family-friendly atmosphere. We buy our ingredients from Seattle purveyors—Pike Place Market, Frank's in the market, smaller vendors like that. And voilà, next week we'll be celebrating our seven-month anniversary.

How was the name Geraldine's Counter chosen?

One night Gary and I invited friends and family over to our new space, and told them to bring a name, sort of like a "name the baby" party. It was great. We had a roundtable discussion, and ended up going with a name Gary's grandmother recommended. It's inviting, but it's got sass, which is what we're going for.

Your dessert (an apple pastry with pumpkin ice cream and crème anglaise) forced me to lick the bowl clean.

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Interview by Cienna Madrid