Have a favorite restaurant in Seattle?


Southern Kitchen in Tacoma, Kisaku in Tangletown, Stumbling Goat on Greenwood, Taqueria Tequila in Greenwood.

Tammy Faye Messner's dying wish was to be able to enjoy a really good burger and fries. Where should her Seattle disciples pay their respects?

My backyard. There isn't a place in Seattle that can touch my blue-cheese burgers.

Ever work in the food industry?

I was a barista in a coffeehouse-restaurant in the '80s, and occasionally had to sub as waiter (incompetent) or even cook (hopelessly incompetent); much more frequently I was busboy (skilled) and dishwasher (brilliant).

Favorite food-industry memory?

One St. Patrick's Day, a leprechaun came in (a regular customer, a short fat fellow with a fringe beard, dressed in green), bought two beers, and took them to a table of guys playing chess. It quickly became apparent that the beers were for him, not his pals, and he was impossibly drunk. When I asked him to leave, he turned and vomited all down my front, from the nipples to the shoes—corned beef, beer, and green dye. I was not wearing my apron. He ran out of the coffeehouse, while I, understaffed, had to mop up the remains, roughly wash my clothes in the sink, and work the rest of the day in wet, stinking clothes.

Would you eat a cheese sandwich if it had Jesus burned into the crust, assuming you couldn't sell it on eBay because it didn't look like Cool Hot Jesus, but a slouchy, hadn't-worked-out-in-a-while Son of God? Had a paunch and a bald spot, but it still was clearly Jesus?

I would eat the sandwich. I love grilled cheese. I'm assuming this would just be the IMAGE of Jesus, and not any actual human or Godly parts.

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What Seattle figurehead would you most like to pie in the face?

Pat Davis down at the Port is just asking for it. Chicken potpie, steaming hot.