What's your culinary pick of Seattle?


It just totally depends on my mood. Lately, I've been frequenting Cafe Presse just because it's new, casual, cheap, and the menu has offered something new every time I've gone. Another favorite is Licorous, because they have fantastic cocktails and their menu also changes frequently. I am irritated by menus that never change. (Voilà!, I'm talking to you.)

Have you ever eaten anything that resembled Muhammad? Was it for revenge for your country or because you were hungry?

Not that I'm aware of. Having been raised Catholic, however, I am deeply jealous that I have never been served a grilled-cheese sandwich bearing the image of the Virgin Mary. I keep ordering the croque campagnard at Cafe Presse, hoping against hope. Alas, while consistently delicious, they have so far been utterly secular.

What tasty dish do petting zoos routinely make you hungry for?

Lapin à la moutarde.

What Seattle figurehead would you most like to pie in the face? What flavor of delicious pie would you use?

The pie is easy... Tom Douglas's triple coconut cream pie. It is delicious and wet and fluffy, and it would make a fantastic mess. The target is harder, but I'm going to have to say Charles Mudede. His Slog posts simply cry out for it.

What dish best resembles you facially?

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The croque campagnard at Cafe Presse.

Interview by Cienna Madrid