Answer me this: Why put peanut butter on a burger?

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You mean on the Double Bypass Burger, with two beef patties, three strips of (yummy) bacon, two cheese slices, sweet onions, our house-made blue moon sauce and peanut butter?


It hits the spot if you develop a taste for it. A lot of our regulars love that burger; the peanut butter adds another level of taste and texture for the burger connoisseur. But my personal favorite is the bacon cheese with pepper jack.

How many burgers do you eat a day?

Let me put it this way: I'm a bachelor, I live with a bunch of dudes, and I haven't gone to the store in nine months. I eat all my meals here. We've got more than just beef here; we've got salmon patties, chicken, and Gardenburgers, and I'm always toying with new ways to make a burger taste better. Plus, you can't get sick of burgers. They're too American.

I hate it when people—especially infants—challenge my dominance through prolonged eye contact. What's your pet peeve?

Our customers are really, really great, but two situations bug me: First, when people come in 10 minutes before we close, when everything's all clean and put away, and they order burgers for themselves and a dozen of their closest friends. That's irritating. It also bugs me when people come up to the register while talking on their cell phones.

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What do you do when you're not serving up delicious burgers and onion rings?

I'm a rapper/MC for the Neo-Ninjas. We're not your average wiggers.