Didn't you used to bartend at Bistro Magnolia?

Yeah. It imploded after five months. You win some, you lose some.

So how's it going at Ivar's?

I really like this job. Nothing brings a smile to people's faces like acres of clams. Plus, the view of the bay is very pretty.

Anything on the menu you dig besides clams?

Oh, I don't eat here. I'm vegan.

But you're fine working in acres of clams?

Yeah. I don't care what other people eat; I just think animals are gross. It's not a moral thing. I just wouldn't put them in my mouth.

So what are the perks of working here?

For Easter brunch, we had a giant tap-dancing clam. It was incredible. It didn't have eyes (because clams don't have eyes), but it did have big buckteeth and rabbit ears. Man, could it tap-dance!

Is it solely a Christian tap-dancing clam?

I think the clam appeals to a wide range of cultural backgrounds, age groups, and holidays. I doubt we've seen the last of it.

Any hope of you filling its shoes by Hanukkah?

I'd love to, but the girl who currently has the job is a celebrity in these acres. She takes it very seriously. I must bide my time and shuck her when she least expects it.

Interview by Cienna Madrid