Monika Proffitt and Clay Roach Owners, the Living Room

1355 E Olive Way, 708-6021

So you're co-owners of Capitol Hill's new art-gallery-turned-bar the Living Room. How did you two meet?

Monika Proffitt: I met Clay while creating a temporary art installation on Broadway. During the project, all I could think was, "You're amazing. I have a crush on you!" We started dating and eventually he said, "Let's open a bar!"

Clay Roach: We were clearly drunk.

Is the bar styled after your childhood living room?

CR: It's inspired by a fictional but incredibly cool person's living room.

MP: It's more inspired by Clay's living room. I moved around a lot as a kid. I've never understood how people stay in one house for their entire life.

What's your favorite drink to make?

MP: I used to hate muddling, but I recently realized no drink is that good without a good muddle. I especially like muddling drinks with cherries.

Do you see bartenders as consolers, analysts, or warm, peppy friends?

MP: I think of myself as the warm, peppy friend. Sure, I can very easily ruin my own night and treat it like it's a boring job, but I'm too hungry for conversations.

This jazz music is making me want to whisper something sultry to you.

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CR: That is good.

MP: We really want our customers to fall in love with each other. recommended