emmer&rye (Queen Anne)
1825 Queen Anne Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 282-0680

We’re going to need a bigger boat, Seattle Rep presents Bruce.
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So what's for dinner?

For starters, a salad with emmer and rye grains, squash puree, kale, and blue-cheese dressing. It's a good wintertime dish and it really sticks to your bones. Then I'd feed you a crispy hazelnut-fed pork roast with green beans and chicories. Also, you must try the goat crépinette.

Yum! Why goat?

Goat is the world's most consumed meat. Everyone outside America knows about the pleasures of eating goat.

Have you tried feeding goat to your kid?

I don't have a kid. I feed goat to my wife and leave the leftovers to our dog.

I envy your dog. Who taught you how to cook?

I learned through trial and error. My first taste experiment was embarrassing and involved trying to combine different flavors of ChapSticks.

Is it true what they say about chefs?

What do they say? We're not all screamers and plate throwers, I can tell you that. The chefs in Seattle are generally really supportive of each other.

So no vices?

Nope. No addictions. But I am a farmers market junkie.

What does a farmers market junkie serve for dessert?

My grandmother's cheesecake recipe. I make it with cream cheese and sour cream on a graham cracker crust, and serve it with a red wine and huckleberry sauce. But you also must try the bourbon ice cream and winter spice cookies.