How did the concept of a specialty dog bakery come about?

The bakery was inspired by our three founding dogs—Sarah, Dottie, and Gracie. They had various food allergies and needed natural, healthy treats and foods. Eight years ago there was nothing like that on the market, so my friends Dan and Mark started making their own, and I joined them.

How do you develop your treats?

We employ two talented pastry chefs, and if there's a people dessert we really like, we'll try to modify it. Our treats are free from sugar, salt, and artificial preservatives. They are also lab tested.

Where are your labs?

They're napping. We've also got two Italian greyhounds. The dogs' names are Mocha, Cade, Lyra, and Dash.

What are their favorite snacks?

Anything that hits the floor. My personal favorite is the Lick 'n' Crunch cookies, which are made off-site. They're peanut butter and carob flavored. I've tried all the treats as well.

Interview by Cienna Madrid