Casey James
Barista, Barista Boyz
111 E Union St, 323-2550

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So you're one of the shirtless employees at Barista Boyz, Capitol Hill's manly antidote to the various bikini baristas. Why can't I see your nipples right now?

They're hiding. We don't officially take our shirts off until all the neighborhood children have gone home from school.

Why are you letting a school boss you around?

It's not really about the school... it's about having a good relationship with the neighborhood. Eventually we'll say "Fuck it" and leave our shirts off all day long. We're just phasing in the nipples part slowly.

What do you think of all the bikini baristas who were charged with prostitution just because they showed cops their hoo-has?

I think those are some dirty hos. They weren't having sex with anyone, but it was still inappropriate. We're about creating a good time for all our customers.

You sound like a family-friendly version of Chippendales, if that's possible. How's the coffee, by the way?

We use Fidalgo Bay. It's good stuff... smooth, not too bitter.

Have your parents ordered any from you?

My grandma and aunt were here just the other day. They think my job is hilarious. The other baristas' parents are a little more conservative, and I think it's a bit weirder for them.

Do you plan on creating a Barista Boyz calendar?

We'd have to get more men. We only have three right now, but we're looking for more. We want to have a wide variety of men, like the Village People.

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What are the requirements?

Can you make coffee? Do you have a good personality? Are you a dude? You don't need perfect abs. We're not looking for just the supermodels. recommended

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