How long has Linda's been open for lunch?

About one month. What a silly question to ask a burger.

What's in you, B & B Burger, that makes you so delicious?

Beef and bacon coated in blue cheese, and dressed with all the fixings. The beauty of me is that I don't go skimpy on the blue cheese or bacon. Nothing brings out the flavor of beef like bacon. In fact, my beef patty is almost an afterthought. There are four pieces of bacon under my bun, crisp and frilly like the garter on a blushing bride, begging for your tongue.

Is there room for improvement on Linda's lunch menu?

If you're a fan of meat, there's not. All good chefs know that the perfect complement to meat is more meat. The only way I could be tastier is if someone inserted a fish stick under my bun.

Are there options for people who find piles of meat to be a bit daunting at 11:30 a.m.?

There are some killer sandwiches, side salads, and chili—none of which include bacon.

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Is this a seasonal menu, or will Linda's be open for lunch year-round?

Meat has no season. I am here to stay.