According to the legend featured on your website, "The Juice Goddess sprang from the volcanic heart of a tropical island centuries ago. She roamed the Earth gathering unto herself the freshest fruits and most vibrant vegetables, which she made into bountiful elixirs that imparted life and vitality to all who drank thereof." So what's your story?

I just graduated high school. I walked by, saw a "now hiring" sign, came in, and interviewed. I'm deferring college for a year and needed a real job that paid money. I've volunteered at the aquarium and I was treasurer of my school's drama club, but I've got no official work history.

"Stories of the Juice Goddess's miraculous abilities circulated throughout the lands, and all who sought her out were blessed with the amazing beauty and wisdom flowing from this spectacular being. She healed all who needed healing and loved all who needed love." I've got a hangover. What will heal me?

The Kickin' Incan—maca, vanilla almond milk, cocoa, rice protein, flax oil, and honey. It's my favorite when you're not feeling into something too fruity, and it's got maca in it, which is a Peruvian root that works as an adrenal supporter. Basically, it maintains your energy. But if you want fruity, the Tropical Delight is great. It's got mango, banana, yogurt, pineapple, and coconut juice.

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"The Juice Goddess lived out her life in peace doing what she did best... creating the best tasting and most nutritional beverages in all the world." What do you do best?

Well, I'm deferring school to focus on my music. I've played the classical flute for 10 years, and I sing. I'm also dabbling with synthesized music and layered beats, and I coach other flutists at the Northwest School.