I'm hungry. What's good?

Lateka: The whole catfish meal is really good. It's a whole pound of fish, and it comes with beans and rice, a homemade cornbread muffin, and potato salad or slaw. Our deluxe burgers are pretty good, too. My son's favorites are the prawns and fries.

How old is your son?

Lateka: He's 2. I like them, too. All the food is good here.

What's the buffalo fish?

Lateka: Oooh, leave that one to a professional. It's a really fatty fish with a lot of little bones sticking out of it. If you don't know how to eat it, don't order it—because it'll just be a pain in your butt. Leave it to the professionals. But it does come with cornbread or hushpuppies, if you're up for the challenge.

Where do you get your catfish?

Lateka: It's farm raised and flown in fresh from Greensboro, Alabama.

A customer behind me asks: How's the neighborhood gentrification treating you?

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Trina: Business is good. White people gotta eat, too. Most of our customers are regulars from around the neighborhood.

Lateka: We also just opened up a store two weeks ago in Kent, on 104th Street.