Why buy a waffle cafe?


MICHELLE: I've been a loyal customer here for years; I'd say about 95 percent of our customers are regulars. I'd come in every Saturday with a girlfriend and we'd gorge on waffles and crisp paninis. When I heard that both locations were for sale—we have another store on First Hill, also on Madison Street—I knew that I wanted to be a part of this.

Agnes, how did you get involved in the waffle-making business?

Mostly by accident. My mom has worked at the knitting shop next door for 15 years, so I knew the previous owner. It was my first real job and I didn't even have to interview for it. I'm leaving in a month for a yearlong tour of Europe. I was born in Poland, and have a lot of family and friends over there.

How do you make the waffles so delicious?

ANGES: Hans, the previous owner, is from Switzerland. He created the recipe, which is basically a variation on the Belgian snack waffle. The waffles are spiced and contain small amounts of sugar that melt and caramelize when you heat them up. They're light, sweet, crispy, and very addictive.

What perfect combination of items would you recommend for a first-time customer?

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MICHELLE: Come in on a Saturday with a friend, and order a waffle and a grilled panini to share, along with two mochas. Our mochas are made with freshly grated Swiss chocolate, and they are truly to die for. After a delicious brunch, you can hit Frenchy's next door for a manicure, visit the knitting store, or get your hair done. The possibilities are endless!

Interview by Cienna Madrid