You have what some call a dream job—selling unique beers to beer enthusiasts. How did you get it?

I came out here on a journey through the beer world and was blown away by the selection—from imported beers to locally brewed IPAs and harvest ales. I got to talking about beers, knew some stuff, learned some more stuff, and got hired here.

What are some of your favorite local breweries?

Baron Brewing, Port Townsend Brewing, and the Elysian—especially their seasonal pumpkin beers, which are out right now.

What beer would you recommend for a small celebratory event?

The Malheur Dark Belgian Ale; it's made with champagne yeast and dark malts, so it's a champagne-style beer, great for celebrating.

What's your best "drowning your sorrows" beer?

The Great Divide Hibernation Ale. It's a seasonal winter warmer, so it's basically a strong brown ale with a full body and a high alcohol content. It'll drown your sorrows real quick.

Is there a wrong way to drink beer?

The biggest mistake I see people make is in storing their beer. Beer should always be stored in a cool, dim place, not left in the trunk of your car or on your back porch. You lose a lot of flavor if your beer is subjected to drastic temperature and climate changes.

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I pick beers solely by their labels. Is this bad?

A lot of people do; it's not a bad thing. Labels hopefully portray the ers. I got to draw the labels for our store's fifth anniversary ale (the Icarus), which was brewed by the Elysian. If a label calls your name, try it out.