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Kitchen manager at Joe Bar

810 E Roy St, 324-0407

So you're the kitchen manager of Joe Bar, cafe, creperie, and sandwich-erie. How do you invent new crepes for your ever-changing crepe specials?

I drink a lot of espresso, and they just come to me. It's like a caffeine fever dream.

Do people ever ask for combinations of crepe ingredients that you absolutely wouldn't eat?

They do, but I'll make whatever you want. Ham and Nutella? Mozzarella and strawberries? No problem.

I notice the bunny in your logo has only one ear. Was there an accident?

That bunny is from an old psychological test. Supposedly schizophrenics wouldn't notice the bunny had one ear.

Your new-ish neighbor, Roy Street Coffee & Tea, is secretly owned by Starbucks. Are they giving you much competition?

Nope. They don't seem to have the witchcraft of a real cafe. Speaking of witchcraft, I'm starting to think Joe Bar is a vortex of youth. Devon hasn't aged since he started working here.

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What coffee drink do you make for yourself?

Right now my favorite is iced espresso with Perrier and Ghirardelli chocolate powder.