Cienna Madrid

You don't see many sidewalk coffee carts anymore. Are they a dying breed?

Yeah, this is the last remaining sidewalk coffee cart in Seattle that I know of. It's owned by the 14 Carrot Cafe, which has been on Eastlake for twentysomething years. I've heard that the city doesn't give out permits for sidewalk coffee carts anymore. I guess they're going out of style.

Would you characterize your job as unstylish?

Not at all—it's a pretty great gig, especially when the weather is nice. I skateboard to work, and I get to sit outside under a few heat lamps with this sweet boom box, sipping coffee and listening to my tunes.

Does it get lonely sitting out here during the winter when it's dark and shitty out?

I'm definitely looking forward to spring and summer—it's going to be awesome then. But in the meantime, my friends can come by and chitchat, plus we get a lot of regulars who stop by with their dogs. If it's really cold and I've got no customers, I can slip into the restaurant and read by the window. Yesterday we had a dance party in the snow.