Sound Transit is kicking you up to the Brix Condominium building at the north end of Broadway. When's the move scheduled to happen?


Right now our best guess is that we'll be closing this location on July 10, and opening at Brix on July 16. I'll post a sign in the window as soon as I know for sure. Sound Transit has been very flexible with us, which is nice. I know a lot of our customers are sad that we're leaving this space, but I see it as a good thing. This area is public domain and the city needs to be able to move forward.

How will the new location shock and awe loyal customers?

Well, Brix sold us the space we're moving into, which means two things: We're there for good and we get to design the space from scratch, like we did with Alley24 [the cafe across from REI]. It's going to be an absolute knockout store. We're having Karen Eland, who paints with espresso pigment, paint a 44-foot mural under the bar depicting the 20-year history of Vivace on Broadway. We're bringing over all the marble we can from this location, as well as the [monkey-sultan coffee] mural that was painted for us. I've always wanted burnt yellow walls, and it works in the new space with our roll-up front windows. Seating will spill out onto the sidewalk when it's warm.

Are you planning on hosting a 20th anniversary party?

We're combining our anniversary party with our grand-opening party in July. Our true anniversary, though, was April 19.

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How did the drink Beautiful Stephanie [a tasty tea and milk drink topped with cinnamon] get its name?

It was named after a gorgeous plus-sized model named Stephanie who used to come in here and direct our baristas how to make it. It was a special drink that only she ordered, so they named it after her.

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