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Campbell's tomato soup? You look... glossier?

I'm actually Harvest Orange Tomato, one of Campbell's limited-edition fall flavors. The other is Sun-Ripened Yellow Tomato.

So the regular tomato soup still has the classic Warholian label?

Yes, though in order to increase soup sales, Campbell's has changed the designs of many of its other soup labels based on the results of neuromarketing research. Subjects' heart rate, pupil size, and skin moisture were monitored while viewing different packaging designs. Images of big, steamy bowls of soup made people sweatier than the classic design.

Have other changes been made to Campbell's soup labels?

The wide bands of red at the tops of the soup cans were making it too hard for shoppers to differentiate between flavors of soup, so the new labels have less red.

Can't people just read the labels?

Rhetorical questions are lost on me. I'm a can of soup.

Do the limited-edition tomato soups have that liquid-ketchup flavor that's perfect with grilled cheese?

We taste slightly different because we're made from the same tomatoes as V8. But that means there's finally a Bloody Mary you can dip your sandwich in!

That sounds like a terrible idea.

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Hey, how much research was put into your design?

I don't need help making people sweaty. recommended