Most restaurant servers make minimum wage, which for Washington State is $7.63 per hour (the highest minimum wage in the nation), plus tips. How much do Cedars employees make?

They make $9—$15 dollars per hour.

Where do the tips go?

The tips go to the house, but employees are treated very well. Most are college-aged, and it's a good job.

The purpose of a tip is to compliment a server on his or her hard work and great service. Patrons don't expect to leave a tip "to the house." Is it possible to ensure your tip reaches your server? Can you slip it under the table or in an apron or something?

Please don't. That could get the servers into trouble.

Is it worth it to leave a tip, then?

I wouldn't leave more than 10 percent.

In other news, the spinach naan here is incredible ($3.50 without tip).

Yeah, it's pretty great.

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