What's the difference between drinking this delicious cup of cocoa and putting a bar of Hershey's in my mouth and sticking my head in the oven?

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The difference is that our chocolate is made with over 60 percent cocoa, and a Hershey's bar has only 2 percent cocoa. That and you don't die when you drink our hot chocolate.

Approximately how much chocolate do you consume daily?

I usually have at least a truffle a day. Sometimes more if I smoke on the job or if I'm feeling hormonal.

Have you witnessed any chocolate-themed first dates?

Yes! We see so many first dates here. It's awkward to watch because people are often unaware of how much chocolate gets on their noses and mouths after drinking our cocoa and eating our truffles. If they're a little tipsy, we'll see them sitting on each other's laps and making out with chocolate on their faces and it's like—really? In Greenwood? With brown on your face? Okay.

Do any children escape their tutoring sessions at 826 Seattle and run over here or are they more of the Skittles and M&M's bunch?

We actually get a lot of 826ers. But they usually come after their tutoring sessions.

I was admiring the shiny roses next to me when I realized their shiny metallic shells hide chocolate surprises! Has anyone ever bought you a chocolate rose?

No. But a man once bought me a fabric one from am/pm.

That's like receiving a refrigerator from Shoe Pavilion.