The original Belltown location of Marjorie closed in 2008. How did you spend your time between closing the old Marjorie and opening the new one?

I worked for a year and a half at How to Cook a Wolf, and I did some consulting for Seattle Center about how to remodel its food court.

Is the ceiling of the new Marjorie covered with pillows to accommodate the effects of some antigravity menu item?

They're soundboards and plywood wrapped in silk that I bought in India. We always tell kids, "Next time you come in, you can eat upside down."

What would you recommend for dinner on these rainy, seemingly endless nights we've been having?

Our crudos—they're raw fish dressed with oil, salt, and other garnishes, like black radish, marcona almonds, and lavender. "Crudo" means "raw" in Italian and Spanish. I'd have that with one of our vespers. It's the classic James Bond cocktail, with slight alterations.

Your website proclaims you are "not opposed to having deepwater fish Fed-Exed from Honolulu." Which dishes most often necessitate mailing fish?

Yes, that fish is what the Japanese sushi rating system calls "1+." It's mailed fresh, on a little ice. We get our Hawaiian blue prawns that way.

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There is a turntable in your bathroom. Are patrons allowed to select records, or do you have a bathroom DJ?

Patrons are allowed to play records. It's kind of fun and old school—there can be a lot of scratching. recommended