So you're a mobile restaurant, housed in a glistening Airstream travel trailer that parks itself here and there. Do you target different neighborhoods with different menus?

No, menus are the same for every neighborhood. But when someone in a particular neighborhood suggests a menu item, we take them seriously and make sure that menu item is available in all neighborhoods. So when folks in Ballard started asking for crab cakes, we put crab cakes on all the menus. But, for the most part, we're influenced by the seasons and what we feel like eating.

Why do you let the seasons boss you around?

We try to use food that's in season, so right now we're embracing root vegetables, beets, and spices like cinnamon and sage—all that great, comfortable winter food. A lot of the food we use is influenced by what our mothers cooked. But we try to modernize the childhood comfort food. So, for example, we'll have a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup, but we'll use rosemary bread and Italian cheese.

Have you ever considered blasting a song from your truck, like the ice-cream man?

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We haven't really considered a Skillet anthem, but we've thought of banging a skillet to get people's attention.

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