So you deliver pies by bicycle in the U-District. You've mentioned that people don't believe you exist. Does this affect your tips?


People are pretty generous. I delivered a pie to a Big Lebowski party, and they tipped me a White Russian. I had to keep making deliveries, so they put it in a mason jar.

How have you outfitted your bicycle for pie transportation?

I use a basket from 20/20 Cycle. The next step is to vacuum-form molds for the pie tins. The tins will sit in plastic grooves in the bottom of the basket. I also want LED lights for the wheels that say "Piecycle." This is the future of pie-delivery technology.

Testing any new pies?

I bake a new pie every weekend to keep myself interested and to find out what bikes well. I want to make some sort of ginger cream pie.

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I heard you recently built a full-body space suit. Are you planning to expand your delivery service?

Yeah, I'm taking it to Mars. Piecycle will finally get the recognition it deserves! Actually, the space suit is for my BFA show at UW. I am working out expanding our delivery service, though. recommended