So you're the owner of a thriving Greek restaurant smack dab in the middle of the Ave. How long have you been selling food in this neighborhood?

My wife and two sons moved to America on September 8, 1967. I originally started work as a plumber in South Seattle, but Boeing went bust and there was no business for me anymore. In 1974, I bought a pastry shop on the Ave with some of the money I had earned before I lost my job. Slowly we expanded the menu, and students started streaming in. Some of my first customers are here tonight. They keep coming back.

I've noticed that people actually talk to each other here.

Oh, sure. We talk about politics, sports, and news. This table in the front is like the conversation table. You can come here any night, sit down, and talk with us... or argue. We also have international nights, so students studying foreign languages can work on their conversational skills.

Explain to me why your tzatziki is better than Trader Joe's tzatziki.

Would you like to see me strain the milk all by myself? Would you like to see the whole ingredients I use or the beautiful big oven where I bake the pita bread? Come back anytime. I'll show you.